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Daniele Kéty shares Rogers’ passion for helping people

07/18/19 03:09:pm

kety (1).jpgOn any given day, Rogers will receive around 500 phone calls from people with questions about our services, requests for an admission screening, and crisis calls from those in immediate danger. As the director of admissions services, Daniele Kéty helps to ensure that we’re not only able to take all of those calls, but that we can provide help and guidance for each of them as well.

In Daniele’s role overseeing admission and reception functions, she is responsible for policies and procedures, strategic planning, and the day to day admissions operations in Oconomowoc, the patient access center, West Allis, and Brown Deer. Even with that wide range of obligations, she’s still able to directly interact and assist potential patients.

“I love being an advocate for our patients in accessing care,” Daniele says. “I often get involved in cases that may initially be declined or have to navigate through challenging insurance or financial circumstances. I am able to work with our treating providers, program managers, insurance companies, and the foundation to be the voice for these potential patients and advocate for them to have a chance to access the care they really need.”

That desire to help others is the same thing that originally brought her to Rogers. Daniele was unsure what route she wanted to take as she neared graduation from UW Milwaukee with a major in psychology. After a classmate mentioned that he was going to apply to Rogers, Daniele researched the system and was impressed with Rogers’ “deep-rooted passion for helping people.”

“I knew I would find great satisfaction in this work,” she says. “I continue to stay because I am deeply committed to our mission. The commitment is infectious throughout the organization from team members to our senior leadership.”

When Daniele first came to Rogers, she was working in Admissions in Oconomowoc from 8 pm to 1 am and second shift every other weekend. Over the past 12 years, she’s received plenty of guidance and has worked hard to get to where she is today. Daniele now enjoys being a mentor to her own team. “Seeing them grow in their roles and in their careers is very rewarding,” She shares.

In addition to her role within the admissions department, Daniele is heavily involved in the Rogers Improvement System and has been the owner of the Intake and Transitions Value Stream since it started three years ago.

“This work has been exciting, challenging and rewarding,” Daniele says. “I am excited to see the continued integration of the Rogers Improvement System principles in all areas of the system, which will continue to move us forward as an organization.”

Like many others at Rogers, she is also eager to see Rogers expand to more communities that need care for mental health.

“I wouldn’t be a true admissions team member if I didn’t mention how excited I am to see the continued growth of Rogers, which is ultimately allowing access to care for members of our communities. I imagine that most staff at Rogers don’t realize that on any given day we have over 150 people waiting to access our care. Some are waiting for several months. This is a burden that weighs on me heavily, as we have an obligation to ensure access. With our continued expansions across the country and in residential, this will allow us to ensure we are allowing as many people to access care as they have a need.”

kety 2.jpgGetting to know Daniele

In her free time, Daniele spends time with her family and friends, crafting and sewing, and loves to travel when she can. She has also recently begun researching her family history and genealogy.

Something that Daniele says may surprise others about her is how much she enjoys going to concerts and live music. While she doesn’t have a particular show that stands out as her favorite, Daniele has been to more than 50 Dave Matthews Band concerts.