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Congratulations to October’s One Rogers Award winners

11/15/23 12:30:pm

We want to congratulate October’s One Rogers Award winners:

Madison Tunney, care coordinator, San Diego

Sierra Neu, RN, child and adolescent inpatient, Oconomowoc

Melissa McBride, RN, Oconomowoc residential

Stephanie Stroschein, RN, Oconomowoc residential

Ashli Price, mental health technician, West Allis residential

Ellie Kollman, mental health technician, Brown Deer residential

Kathryn Bain, care advocate, Corporate Services

Jennifer Melcher, registered dietitian, child and adolescent care, Brown Deer

KaarinaMajal (Kim) Enrile, admissions intake specialist, West Allis

Carol Harewood, physician assistant, Brown Deer outpatient

All winners receive:

  • A One Rogers trophy to keep
  • Choice of two clothing items that say One Rogers Award Winner
  • The chance to win a select parking space where applicable.
  • Winners in Inpatient and Residential Services: five meals at Rogers cafes (Five $5 coupons)
  • Winners in Outpatient Services: a group lunch organized with the clinic director

You can nominate someone for a One Rogers Award here and find a link to the nomination form anytime on Rogers Connect.

Watch Insight for names of the winners each month.

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