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Chris Jagoditz safeguards and helps steer Rogers’ future as chief financial officer

08/15/23 02:00:pm

chris_tn.jpgChris says if you were to Google, “What is a Healthcare CFO?”, it would say something like, “The person who ensures that the health system runs in the most cost effective manner. Responsible for managing all financial risks for the organization and charged with planning finances and managing records.”

But Chris see his role as more than that.

“I have to balance two very big responsibilities,” says Chris. “Effectively ‘safeguarding’ the organization’s assets, meaning, how do I responsibly implement strategies that ensure the financial sustainability of the organization into the foreseeable future? And how do we recruit most effectively, train, equip, protect, and retain current and future Rogers teammates so that we continue to deliver on our mission?”

Chris comes to Rogers with more than two decades of operational and strategic healthcare experience, including finance leadership in the field of mental health and addiction care. Most recently, Chris served as CFO of SUN Behavioral Health, and earlier held the role of regional CFO for Universal Health Services (UHS) for nine years, providing financial oversight for 16 behavioral health hospitals.

Chris says he was excited for the opportunity to work at Rogers.

“Rogers is a provider with a nationwide reputation for best-in-class quality, where the mission drives financial decisions and not vice-versa,” he says.

Since joining in February 2023, Chris has enjoyed getting to know people.

“Rogers teammates are among the smartest, most adaptable, dedicated, and hardest working group I’ve ever seen,” he says. “My finance team is super fun to work with. We love to joke and have fun in our meetings, which really helps get through the longer days.”

Through work on several key projects, Chris is helping to shape the organization’s future.

“Right now my top three priorities include Workday, which is a business software platform that will replace D365 later this year; our four-year strategic plan; and preparing for our end-of-year external audit,” he says.

Getting to know Chris

Chris and wife.jpgChris grew up in rural Indiana. He and his wife, Bonnie, have called Franklin, Tennessee home for 11 years and they’ll celebrate 20 years of marriage next April. Bonnie is a civilian attorney for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They have two sons: 13-year-old Zachary and eight-year-old Xander. Nine years ago, Chris rescued Fenix, a black, long-haired German Shepherd, who Chris says is never more than five feet away from him when he’s not in Wisconsin.

Chris is a veteran of the U.S. Army, where he served for six years in psychological warfare and learned skills like parachuting out of airplanes and helicopters and how to speak foreign languages. Chris says he speaks German fluently and “just enough to stay out of trouble in about half a dozen others.”

Chris says a fun fact about him is he loves to play tennis, and in warm weather in Wisconsin, he’s open to a tennis partner.

Chris also enjoys attending live music concerts and the theater. This summer he saw Dave Matthews, The Killers, and Counting Crows.

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