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Brownbag talk series is helping to develop a culture of outcomes at Rogers

01/16/19 12:57:pm

Since September, the Data Watch team has hosted a Brownbag series talk on the first Friday of each month to discuss key clinical outcomes in our programs with a wide audience.

The most recent Brownbag series talk looked at how Brian Kay, VP of continuous improvement, and the clinical effectiveness team are using machine learning to create a model that can predict risk of suicide more effectively than current methods.

The Brownbag series was put together by the Rogers Data Watch team to help create a “culture of outcomes” according to Brad Riemann, PhD, chief clinical officer.

“We have the largest data sets in the industry with fantastic clinical outcomes, but we really don’t talk about it or celebrate it as much as we should,” Dr. Riemann says. “We want to develop a culture where everyone is aware of our outcomes and how important they are. The Brown Bag Series is our chance to showcase the great research we are doing at Rogers. We publish and present this data all the time at national conferences, which is also important, but it was time to make sure our own teams knew about it.”

Everyone at Rogers is encouraged to attend these talks, whether in person or through the virtual meeting room. For those unable to attend, the Data Watch news page on Rogers Connect has an entry for each session, which include a short write-up, a video of the presentation, and a downloadable pdf of the presentation’s PowerPoint slides.

“One of the things that I have been the most impressed with regarding the Brown Bag Series is the diverse audience that have attended the talks. We have had physicians, administrators, clinical staff, marketing staff, and people from our foundation attend. It shows the wide interest in our research and exactly why we need to continue to develop our Culture of Outcomes.”

The next Brownbag series talk will be held on February 1 at 12:10 pm with Dr. Chad Wetterneck presenting.

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