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Brown Deer offers new and unique program for adults

09/14/23 04:00:pm

Brown Deer is now offering a unique, group-based Serious Persistent Mental Illness Adult Intensive Outpatient Care program for adults who are experiencing schizophrenia or other long-standing psychosis, severe bipolar disorder, recurrent major depressive disorder, or other mental illnesses that cause significant impairment and limit major life activities.

“With this program, we are better able to serve patients in our community by offering more robust services that meet the needs of patients with chronic mental illness who may benefit from more structured support, including case management, before they’re ready for traditional outpatient services,” says Christopher Lowden, MD, associate medical director, Outpatient Services, Central Service Area and senior medical director of well-being. “Until now, Rogers didn’t have specialized services to support these patients who are in our community and receive care on our inpatient units.”

The program utilizes a recovery-oriented framework that is strengths-based and focuses on the functional capabilities of each individual. Our teams use a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach which combines evidence-based therapy, medication management, health and wellness education, and social skills groups. We also provide case management to help adult patients achieve a more stable and satisfying life and ensure they have ongoing community support they need.

“This program will be best for patients who need help developing structure and routine, with the goals of improving medication adherence, supporting engagement with activities of daily living, developing social skills, and creating a comprehensive community support plan,” says Rae Anne Ho Fung, PhD, LP, clinical director of outpatient services in West Allis.

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