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Bridget Ellingboe reflects on Rogers' impact in Madison

12/18/20 11:25:am

ellingboe leadership spotlight.jpgBridget Ellingboe, LMFT, director of operations in Madison, first came to Rogers early in her career, joining the team as a pool social worker for the Madison clinic and Oconomowoc campus.

She learned of the job after a former college roommate—who worked at Rogers—gave her a heads up that a new clinic would be opening in Madison.

“Initially, I came to Rogers so I could gain knowledge and experience working as a therapist at different levels of care,” Bridget says.

Along with her pool position at Rogers, she was working in a traditional outpatient setting as well. Eventually, she transitioned into a leadership position for another organization – but she “jumped at the chance to come back” when she learned about the director of operations position opening in Madison.

“I came back because of Rogers’ reputation as a leader in providing highly effective evidence-based care, and because of the wonderfully intelligent, kind, caring staff that provide that treatment,” she says.

With a background in direct patient care as a licensed therapist, Bridget says she’s able to stay grounded in the work that’s being done and understands the challenges that her team faces. She even keeps her license active, meaning she must also participate in continuing education and stay informed on new developments in the field.

“I think this best helps me understand the day-to-day processes our direct care professionals endure and keep my lens on staff and patient needs,” she says.

Celebrating Madison’s 10-year anniversary

Rogers’ Madison location has been open for more than 10 years now, and Bridget has been able to see it grow immensely since her start. The clinic started with two programs, 10 team members, and 16 patients, but has expanded to 13 programs, 60 employees, and 75-80 patients on average—including kids and teens.

“I remember walking through the front doors of the Madison clinic and noticing that not all the artwork was hung nor was all the furniture in place,” Bridget says. “But great work had begun, and we were treating patients and making a difference. I’m proud to be a part of this team helping so many people in our community have access to world-class treatment.”

Whether her day is spent managing a budget, recruiting new team members, or even moving furniture, one of her favorite things about her current role is the variety that each day offers. “Rarely is one day the same as the next and I get to wear many different hats,” she says.

Creating a healthy culture and adjusting to COVID-19

Helping maintain a healthy work culture is a priority for Bridget, and she ensures this by making her team feel supported, which includes hosting office parties, bringing in lunch, or having a chair masseuse stop by. She also collaborates with the medical staff and clinical director to make sure her team has the resources they need to do their job.

The pandemic is something both patients and staff members have had to adjust to, but Bridget is amazed at how here team has adapted to the challenge of providing virtual treatment.

“While it has not been without daily challenges, it’s extremely rewarding to see staff and patients managing this new normal,” she says.

ellingboe ls.jpgGet to know Bridget

When it comes to free time, Bridget loves the chance to be active outdoors, “I enjoy most anything active, but especially playing volleyball, biking, skiing, and walking my dog in nature.”

One thing that may surprise people about Bridget is that she likes riding her bike for long distances, and has participated in a number of races for charity, including the Door County Century, Trek 100, MACC Fund 60 mile, and Twin Cities – Chicago Aids Ride, which was 500 miles!

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