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Branding updates: badges, adding pronouns to contact info, and more

11/21/19 10:06:am

We are in the home stretch of our branding initiative. Please see a few updates below:

Optional use of pronouns in email signatures and on business cards

Our email signature template now includes an optional line for pronouns. Individuals may choose whether to include and disclose their gender identity within the email signature. If you need to update your email signature, please copy and paste from the Branding updates email from Sunday, November 24, or from documents on Brand Central. Examples include but are not limited to:

pronouns: she, her, and hers

pronouns: he, him, his

pronouns: they, them, theirs

For business cards, future orders will allow for the optional addition of pronouns in parentheses after the name. Example:

Charlie Nelson, PhD, LPC (she, her)

Employee badges

  • Most people should have new badges by now. If you have an issue with your new badge or didn’t receive one, please email Jessica Burbach at Jessica.Burbach@rogersbh.org until Friday, November 29 to report your concerns. Jessica is compiling a list of corrections that will be sent t the printer next week. There is a two-week turnaround and badges will be shipped to HR at the appropriate locations.

  • Any badge questions or issues after 11/29 should be directed to HRSupport@rogersbh.org.

  • Some people are finding that badges are breaking. Plastic holders are on order and employees at each location will be notified as soon as they arrive. Meantime, new badges will not have a hole for the lanyard. It appears that hanging keys on the lanyard is causing the issues. Please consider keeping your keys in a pocket instead.

  • You may find badge standards on Rogers Connect under on Brand Central.


Forms that are part of the electronic health record will be updated by early December. Other departments are asked to update all forms, including external and internal documents. Instructions for how to inset a logo into a document are attached and the logo is available under Brand Central on the intranet. If you have questions about what is needed, feel free to reach out to me at anne.ballentine@rogersbh.org.


If you see collateral with the old branding, please reach out to Katie Zapfel at Kathryn.zapfel@rogersbh to determine whether an updated piece is available or needs to be created.

Signage and questions

External signage should be completed and internal signage updates will be completed soon. Any other rebranding questions can be sent to anne.ballentine@rogersbh.org.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get to this point.

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