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Board member Marty Borell leverages organizational behavior background to advance Rogers’ Mission

02/24/22 02:50:pm

Marty.jpgMarty Borell is proud to be one of the 16 members of the Rogers Behavioral Health System Board of Directors who bring their unique skills and competencies to the organization.

“We put a lot of time, effort, and care into our roles because we care about Rogers’ Mission and it’s important to us,” he says.

Marty became a board member in 2015 after learning about Rogers from a close friend whose daughter was struggling with her mental health. At the time, Rogers was preparing to open the Tampa clinic, where Marty lives.

“My daughter had passed away from a drug overdose within two years before that, so I was very open to getting involved in the world of behavioral health,” Marty says, adding that it was part of his healing process. “I wasn’t sure I was quite ready to jump in, but things happen for a reason. I joined the board to honor her and to see if I could help so that other families don’t have to go through what we went through.”

As a board member, Marty leverages his background in consulting and organizational behavior, as well as his governance experience. As the only non-Wisconsin resident for his first two terms on the Board, he says he has brought a different viewpoint and has been intentional about ensuring the perspective of regional sites was considered in all system decision-making.

Marty encouraged the board to start thinking bigger as a national organization and to consider what that means for Rogers’ culture including how to manage employees and make everyone feel included regardless of their site location. He is also passionate about ensuring the board is comprised of diverse, talented members who can offer their own unique abilities.

“It’s thinking about what competencies we need to build on the board to help get us where we’re going,” Marty says. “We determine the competencies we need for the next several years and complete profiles to fill those needs.”

Members meet quarterly as a full board and also each serve on various committees. Marty is chair of the Governance and Nominating Committee and sits on the Compensation and Strategic Planning committees. He is also interested in talent acquisition and workplace culture.

“Talent acquisition is a top priority for Rogers, and we need to look at how we position ourselves to attract, retain, and reward the best employees,” he says.

Marty’s areas of expertise

  • Organizational design and organizational behavior
  • Process design
  • Organizational change management and communication
  • Organizational strategy and implementation planning
  • Talent management and employee engagement
  • Executive leadership and coaching

As for the future, Marty is looking forward to more positive changes to come at Rogers as we continue to leverage technology to find new and innovative ways to advance the field.

“It will be phenomenal to see how we not only help our own patients but also how we help the entire behavioral health population,” he says. “How we shape the future of healthcare delivery is very exciting, and I think the next five or six years will be fascinating.”

Get to know Marty

Marty Janie and mom.jpgIn addition to Rogers, Marty is involved with The Florida Holocaust Museum (past board chair) and the Love IV Lawrence Foundation (chair). He also sits on the board of The New Group, a non-profit Off-Broadway theatre group.

He is a retired managing partner at Accenture, a global professional services company. He also is a producer, co-producer, and investor in more than 15 Broadway, Off-Broadway, and touring theatrical productions.

A Long Island native, Marty and his wife, Janie, split their time between Tampa and New York City. They have four children and four grandchildren, and Marty’s mother recently celebrated her 99th birthday.

He enjoys exercising, reading, doing crossword puzzles, and traveling. This summer, Marty and has family plan to spend a week on the beach in Rhode Island, and he and Janie have a trip to Portugal on their bucket list.

This profile is part of a new series spotlighting the members of the Rogers Behavioral Health System Board of Directors. Please watch for a new profile in the March issue of Insight.

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