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Amanda Boeke reflects on her long-standing respect for Rogers

01/16/24 04:00:pm

Boeke_headshot.jpgAdmiration for Rogers started early for Amanda Boeke, PsyD, vice president, Residential Services, who grew up in Oconomowoc and was familiar with Rogers’ life-saving care.

“Rogers has remained progressive in providing specialized, effective care,” says Dr. Boeke. “It’s a place I have held in high regard since I was a child, and that’s a large part of why I sought to earn my doctorate in psychology. We had many family friends who worked at Rogers, and as a child, I can recall hearing about their dedication and compassion. That had a great impact on how I decided to spend my career.”

Helping people with mental health challenges runs in Dr. Boeke’s family.

“My father started the Adventure Therapy program in the 1980s, which was innovative and foundational at the time,” she says.

Dr. Boeke has spent the past 20 years in the behavioral health field. Before joining Rogers in the spring of 2022, she served as the CEO for psychiatric hospitals within the Universal Health Services network. Her background also includes chief operating officer and VP roles, direct clinical care as a residential psychologist and supervisor, a school-based psychologist, and an outpatient therapist.

In her current role, Dr. Boeke oversees operations for 17 residential programs across three campuses in southeast Wisconsin.

“We treat up to 320 patients in our residential programs alone. It is humbling to help people change the trajectory of their lives,” she says. “I like being able to use the things that I’ve learned from experience at other behavioral health organizations to enhance our systems here at Rogers.”

Dr. Boeke says she’s grateful to be part of the care Rogers provides.

“One of my favorite things is hearing about the impact of our care and the gratitude patients share for their treatment team,” she says. “I’m proud that people come from all over the country and abroad in their time of need. They entrust us during some of their most vulnerable moments, oftentimes after numerous treatments have failed.”

Dr. Boeke finds collaborating among departments and working to support Rogers Mission to be two of her favorite aspects of her job.

“I love my role and our team!” she shares. “I enjoy reassuring teammates that they are making a difference. Most of our growth and learning comes from obstacles and pushing through, which results in pride in our work and improved understanding of the treatment experience and others’ perceptions. I work with some of the most creative, compassionate, and dedicated staff I’ve encountered. This is an organization whose outcomes I’m proud to be a part of.”

Getting to know Dr. Boeke

Boeke for within story.JPGStarting at the age of two, Dr. Boeke was an avid gymnast, competing on the Oconomowoc High School team. She says it instilled in her a dedication and Dr Boeke dog.JPGdiscipline to always do her best for her team. Those same traits transferred to her career, where she hones her skills through practice, working hard while having fun, and cheering on others’ successes.

Dr. Boeke has a close relationship with her parents, and two younger brothers. Recently, she welcomed a strong-willed Yorkie puppy, named Phoster. She says he literally, and sometimes physically, reminds her to leave work at home, which is a healthy, unanticipated perk.

She’s looking forward to celebrating a friend’s 50th birthday later this month in Turks and Caicos.

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