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Admissions team shares updates on Front Door initiatives

12/13/22 04:30:pm

As part of our aim to improve our Front Door, Rogers is working to increase awareness of our services and ensure people who need treatment will be able to access care quickly and efficiently without feeling passed from step to step.

Under the leadership of Signa Meyers, vice president of strategic initiatives, the Admissions department is making progress on the following key initiatives.

Patient Access phone number consolidation

As of December 13, all Patient Access phone numbers were consolidated into the 800-767-4411 line with new prompts to streamline incoming calls and improve the user experience.

A total of 41 phone numbers were merged into the one number, which will help increase our answer rate, which is currently 86%, up from 49% over the summer. The Admissions team’s goal is to ultimately achieve the industry standard rate of 95%.

Outpatient clinics and the hospitals will retain their respective direct phone numbers and be included in the new call tree, so patients will have several options to meet a variety of needs.

metrics chart.jpg



The Admissions team has increased these key metrics from July through now. 



Salesforce update

The Admissions team is currently training on the integration of Salesforce, our client relationship management tool, with the Cerner electronic health record. This initiative will improve our ability to manage the first contact, screening, and admissions process and lead to more timely communication with prospective patients and their families.

Also used by our Outreach team, the expanded Salesforce tool will result in many gains, including enhanced referral relationships, better referent satisfaction, and increased visibility on the status of cases.

New Admissions feedback form

Previously when employees had feedback for the Admissions team, they would send an email. Now, a new form streamlines the process and ensures a more efficient and timely resolution. All employees with positive or constructive feedback are encouraged to submit the form, and an Admissions leader will be assigned to it.

Creating onsite Patient Access Centers

Within the year, two onsite Patient Access Centers – one in Oconomowoc and another in a to-be-determined location – will be established.

“Based on the nature of our work, there are advantages to our team working in a supportive environment where they can rely on teammates after handling difficult cases,” Signa says. “We know it’s easier to create a healthy team culture when we can be together and can build strong relationships. Being onsite is also helpful for training and ongoing professional development when we can work closely together and mentor new team members.”

Reaching a “one call resolution”

The ultimate goal of the Admissions team is to achieve what is known as a “one call resolution,” meaning that when a prospective patient calls, they will complete a screening and receive a recommendation all during that initial conversation. This would condense the time it takes to resolve an inquiry from 14 days to just one hour.

“It’s a lofty goal, but the why behind this is when patients call us, it’s not because they’re having a good day,” Signa explains. “They’re calling us because they need help right now, and we want to resolve their issue and give them hope.”


Get to know the Admissions team! This chart depicts the structure and key functions of the department. 

admissionsGraph2 .jpg

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