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Adam El-Ali is impressed with Rogers’ commitment to patients

05/20/19 03:50:pm

Adam El AliAdam El-Ali, MBA, vice president of Clinical Technology Services, holds a firm belief that putting patients first influences every decision that a healthcare organization makes.

Prior to coming to Rogers, Adam worked in more than 50 hospitals across the country and world as a consultant, but what brought him to and keeps him at Rogers is how the mission of helping patients is prioritized.

“I have never been to an organization that has the same level of commitment to patients as Rogers does,” Adam says.

In his current position, Adam provides guidance, support, and development opportunities to those in the Clinical Technology Services department. Part of his and CTS’ purpose is to “ensure the smooth operation and optimal performance of our hardware and software technologies,” he says.

This means he gets involved in everything from the electronic health record and cyber security threats to swipe card readers and upgrading computers to Windows 10. Because of these diverse responsibilities, Adam ends up interacting with every department at Rogers, which happens to be one of the things he enjoys most about his role.

“Every day I appreciate the efforts of our frontline clinical and medical staff but also sincerely appreciate the work of the shared services departments,” Adam says. “Everyone in this organization has a role that is important to the delivery of care. Without the combined efforts of everyone, we would not be able to fulfill our mission.”

Looking to the future, Rogers plans to continue the trend of significant growth. While this will undoubtedly provide a challenge, it’s one that Adam is eager to take on.

“I am excited by the opportunity to help more people who are struggling, as well as utilizing my experience to prepare Rogers for the scalability needed to become the leading behavioral health provider in the country.”

Rogers has recently made significant technological improvements, and as we move forward, Adam hopes that everyone takes a minute to think about how the System can make work more efficient.

“With your feedback, we can spend less time at our desk and more time with those we serve,” he says.

Getting to know Adam

Adam loves to travel in his free time and experience natural and man-made wonders across the globe. He finds beauty in nature and animals and supports multiple conservation efforts trying to protect them. He also says that he finds great value in learning about other cultures and different ways of doing things.

“At the end of the day—though we may speak different languages, eat different foods and have different customs—people are more alike than they are different.”

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