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2024- 2028 Strategic Plan guides Rogers’ path

01/16/24 04:30:pm

Rogers Behavioral Health’s new five-year strategic plan is our roadmap through the year 2028. The plan was developed in collaboration with the Board of Directors with input from leaders and employees and market research on community needs and our competitive landscape.

Four focus areas place the individuals and families we serve at the center of where world-class clinical care and an engaged and talented workforce come together to provide an exceptional patient experience. See an overview below, and click here for a summary of initiatives under each category, also available under Strategic Plan within Rogers Info on Rogers Connect.


Exceptional specialized clinical care

Enhance and expand existing care models and services to improve our clinical quality and patient safety. Integrate with translational research to implement evidence-based findings to provide the best care possible.



Enhancing Culture and elevating talent

Expand clinical and safety training, encourage better connection with teammates and communities, and promote a respectful, inclusive culture.



Operational excellence in business systems

Achieve operational excellence augmented by technology, analytics, and select partnerships to enable improved clinical care, enhance safety, and reduce burden on our caregivers.



Expanding our reach in Wisconsin and beyond

Provide the right services in the right locations. Marketing and outreach activities are local in collaboration with site level leadership, to better engage new and existing communities​.

Watch for more information on the strategic plan, progress toward key metrics, and key initiatives in strategic updates for huddles, Insight articles, Rogers Connect, and email.


Brian Kay, PhD, chief strategy officer, shares his thoughts on our new strategic plan.

What are you most excited about with this plan?

I am most excited for how we are building on our strengths organizationally but expanding our reach, not only geographically but also with new services. Rogers provides amazing clinical care and has built an infrastructure that supports exceptional outcomes. Bringing that same approach to new locations and services is only going to benefit the communities we touch.

Why is it critical to have a 5-year plan?

At its core, strategy is having an approach to overcoming obstacles that an organization faces today and will face tomorrow. In the last few years, the behavioral health industry has been going through a tremendous amount of change. Developing and implementing a strong strategic plan ensures that we are laying the foundation to overcome future challenges and create an environment where Rogers continues to be a pillar for high-quality behavioral healthcare.

What do you think it will take to ensure we are able to successfully implement this plan?

To successfully implement the plan, it requires our entire team to embrace change and being willing to think differently. There will be some aspects of our strategy where we refine parts of our business or treatments, and for other parts, we need an entirely different approach. Being open to change is critical in our success to implementing the plan.

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