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110th Anniversary celebration: check out history video and essay contest winners

06/06/17 05:23:am

Rogers’ history was 110 years in the making but you can get a quick overview in under five minutes!

Click above to see the video. Special thanks to Tanner Johnson and Lucy Kastonek for their producing and editing, Tracy Haas for historical content, and many others for an assortment of contributions.

Plus see ice cream social photos from the anniversary celebrations as well as a word search and trivia game on the Rogers intranet.

Essay contestants have powerful words for Dr. Rogers

Congratulations to the following employees whose essays were selected as winners:  

2017-06-07_03-46_870.jpgTammy Madrigrano, MSW, Kenosha: 1st place

Byron Beams, Therapeutic Specialist, Oconomowoc: 2nd place 

Desiree Sigler, Experiential Therapist, Kenosha: Tied for 3rd place

Josiah Buss, Intake Specialist, Brown Deer: Tied for 3rd place

Honorable mention:

Brandon Orser, Educational Therapist, Oconomowoc

Janaie Sandoval, Residential Counselor, Oconomowoc  

Tama’ra Reed MSW, CTRS, MBCBT, Experiential Therapist II, Silver Lake

We will feature essays excerpts in future editions of Insight. Thank you to all those who entered the contest!

See Tammy Madrigrano’s winning essay below:

Dr. Arthur Rogers would be so proud of how far we have come today!! From humble beginnings of a health resort to possibly completely closing in the 90s, we have FAR surpassed his vision and mission of increasing access for those with mental illness using innovative therapies. I believe it is due to the care and compassion offered and encouraged by our employees. The accountability for patient and staff care resonates and trickles down from the President, to managers, to administrative to maintenance. EVERYONE feels the desire to help from all levels of care, and this is a main reason I feel blessed to work for such an amazing company. COHESION is the foundation of this company.

Rogers would be pleased to know that we never say no to something without thoroughly weighing the options and outcomes. Instead we say, “why not?” or “let’s give it a try!” We are able to see what has potential and explore the possibilities. We have far surpassed other facilities using combinations of cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectal behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, experiential therapy, exposure therapy, and the list goes on. We understand that what works for one doesn’t work for all. We are FLEXIBLE!!!

We have been expanding leaps and bounds across the country and Rogers is becoming a household name. There have been many times when I have been asked where I work and I hear, “my cousin, husband, brother, friend, went there and they do AMAZING WORK!” It is so gratifying and validating to see that such a large organization is able to maintain this caliber of care and compassion in so many different states, cultures, and communities.

Rogers provides employees with so many resources, trainings and incentives to be the best we can   to not only take care of patients but ourselves as well. It is an honor and a privilege to work for a company that invests so heavily in the care and welfare of their employees that it makes the work we do that much more enjoyable. I am humbled and honored to be part of such a movement that is creating waves across the community due to its presence and accomplishments. I have seen the number of men asking for and getting help increase substantially which is huge!! We ARE reducing the stigma!! We ARE proving that ADDICTION IS A DISEASE and should be treated as such. Most importantly, we ARE treating humans despite their struggles with depression, anxiety, depression, and addiction with the love and support they so often desperately crave and deserve. We ARE making a difference!!!!

I personally carry Dr. Rogers’ mantra in my heart and hands with the work I do daily. I do not think there is ANYONE that is beyond help with the right treatment team, modalities, support, and resources. I am confident I will spend the rest of my career with Rogers and am looking forward to the expansions that are yet to come.

Hats off to you Mr. Rogers!!! I know you would be proud! Thank you for starting the revolution that is now Rogers Behavioral Health. Dare to dream….. look what happens!!!

~ Tammy Madrigrano, MSW/APSW, Adult Partial Hospitalization Program Dual Diagnosis, Kenosha

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