Real stories

What patients are saying

“The staff was definitely sensitive to all my needs and also my privacy. Very thankful. They are all very trustworthy and I am grateful in that. Never any worries about someone else knowing.”

“Very comfortable in the treatment area. Good privacy.”

“Both Dr. Rizzari and Jennifer were very helpful explaining my medications and answered my questions and concerns. I feel very comfortable with my medications.”

“The group sessions were a lot of fun.  During the CBT groups I learned a lot about mental illness that I was able to incorporate into my treatment and life.”

“I worked with Maria and loved it! She took the time to sit and talk with me about my concerns, anxiety/ocd and just regular conversations. She felt like a friend so I was very comfortable talking to her. I am going to miss her the most since she was so fun and cheerful.”

“The staff prepared me very well for discharge, gave me helpful coping skills and information about mental illness and more control over my anxiety”.

“The staff was incredible about making me feel comfortable opening up about my personal issues. I was able to tell Maria things I have never told anyone before.”

“When I registered, Wendy made me feel very comfortable.  It took about one hour but I could do it from home.  No traveling involved.  Very helpful!  Thank you!”

“When I first came to Rogers, it was very welcoming. The receptionist is the sweetest person! As my treatment progressed, the comfort level kept increasing. The staff, the rooms, just the best! And only 11 miles from home!”

“My therapists were very generous with their time spend with me.  I never felt like they were rushing to get the next patient. They really did understand me, my feelings and my needs.”

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