Medical Staff Directory

Medical Staff Directory

Sarah Norfleet

Outreach Representative

Sarah works as the National outreach Representative for Rogers–Miami, where she helps introduce families, referring partners, and the Miami community to the treatment options available at Rogers.

Sarah has more than 30 years of experience working with families, students, and referents in specialty residential programming in both operations and outreach, as well as experience consulting and working with international partners.

Prior to coming to Rogers, Sarah worked with a Boston-area therapeutic boarding school that provides education for youth and young adults who also require residential and day treatment care for emotional, behavioral, learning, and psychiatric disorders. Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts in political science and international relations, which she has complemented with more than 30 years of continuing education units in special education, mental health, business development, and marketing. Sarah joined Rogers in 2018 in her current position.

Sarah also served as a member of the board of directors with NATSAP for several years and is currently involved with the IECA Foundation board.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys gardening, visiting the beach, being outdoors with her two dogs, all things equestrian, and exploring her new home—Miami.


Phone: 305-397-9373

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