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As one of the largest multi-specialty behavioral health practices in the U.S., our patients have a care team committed to their individual road to success.

Our team is backed by strong medical and clinical leadership in a private, non-academic setting. More than 75 board-certified psychiatrists and 40 psychologists, are part of a medical staff of nearly 150 who are specialists in mental health and addiction who work as a team and partner with a premier multidisciplinary group of behavioral specialists, nurses, therapists, and dietitians.

Caitlin Pinciotti, PhD

Associate Research Psychologist

Caitlin Pinciotti, PhD, is an Associate Research Psychologist at Rogers Behavioral Health. She earned her Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology within the Trauma Psychology Focus track at Northern Illinois University and completed her APA-accredited clinical psychology pre-doctoral residency and postdoctoral fellowship at Rogers Behavioral Health in the OCD and Anxiety adult residential treatment program. She has conducted research and specialized clinical work with individuals with trauma and/or OCD at all levels of care ranging from Veterans’ Administration and community outpatient centers to residential treatment. Her research primarily focuses on factors that facilitate or impede recovery from trauma, PTSD, and OCD, with a secondary focus on mental health inequities in gender and sexual minorities. Dr. Pinciotti has published over 25 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals and presented over 25 research projects at regional, national, and international conferences, where she has won four awards based on her research. She serves on the editorial board of Psychiatry Research Communication and is Guest Editor of a special issue in the Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy on OCD and co-occurring conditions. She is an active member in the OCD and PTSD Comorbidity Consortium alongside other experts in OCD and PTSD across the globe.

Dr. Pinciotti provides trainings and case consultations both within and outside of the Rogers Behavioral Health hospital system on co-occurring OCD and PTSD, and LGBTQ+ intersections with mental health. Dr. Pinciotti also serves as the Equity in Patient Care Team Leader at Rogers Behavioral Health, spearheading and serving on several committees intended to identify and correct identity-based inequities in mental health treatment.

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