Nursing Leadership

Posted on 03/07/18 06:40:pm


At Rogers Behavioral Health, we pride ourselves on our outstanding nursing leadership. As an emerging RN leader, recently said, “One of the big challenges faced by nurse leaders today is finding the time to stay connected to patients and staff. Purposeful nurse leadership is quickly becoming a best practice in hospital throughout the United States. When it is done well, it can have a positive direct impact on both patients and staff. It has been shown to improve both patient and staff satisfaction.” We take this to heart. Our nurse leaders are visible to our staff RNs, our patients and their families.

One Director of Nursing shares her thoughts

“Throughout my career I have had many wonderful mentors, so when I made the decision to enter the nursing leadership arena, my personal goal was to become a mentor to nurses who had the mission and goal to provide excellent nursing care. 

My leadership style involves working with nurses as full partners in the context of mutual respect and collaboration. I embrace the goal of creating a community within the nursing department through mentoring, clear communication, and delivering care in an evidence-based way.

As you think about joining Rogers, you can be certain there are many wonderful opportunities for nurses to explore. For example, we offer a clinical ladder for nurses through our charge nurse or preceptor programs for those who may be interested in exploring a leadership role.

If your passion is in behavioral health and addiction, Rogers has many experts in the field to support your learning experience and growth. We have an environment where nurses believe their work is valuable and important, that they are making a difference, and that they can succeed.

It is so inspiring to me to see how our nurses flourish. Please take this opportunity to explore our website to learn the variety of opportunities that can be extended to you.”  

-​ Terri Cohn, MSN, RN, Director of Nursing, Rogers–Oconomowoc


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