Nursing Leadership

Posted on 03/07/18 06:40:pm

Message from Rogers’ executive director of nursing 

cohn.jpgThank you for exploring nursing opportunities with Rogers Behavioral Health. At Rogers, our nurses strive to achieve the highest possible standard of care for patients and their families. Driven by this commitment, we are proud to be an integral part of care delivery excellence that’s been more than 110 years in the making. Our nursing model embodies the rich traditions and legacy that have made Rogers one of the premier mental health and addiction treatment providers in the nation.  

With a wealth of expertise and an environment where innovation is encouraged, Rogers nurses are offered a depth and breadth of experiences and opportunities they simply cannot gain anywhere else. For example, as one of the first systems to develop a behavioral health electronic health record, our nurses help design charting and care systems that leverage data and predicative analytics to improve care coordination and outcomes. Nurses have the chance to truly lead the behavioral health industry in using decision support to drive individualized treatment plans and automate documentation.

It is so inspiring to me to see how our nurses flourish. For example, we offer a clinical ladder for nurses through our charge nurse or preceptor programs for those who may be interested in exploring a leadership role. In addition, Rogers has many experts in the field to support your learning experience and growth. Rogers’ nurses have access to training in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and Addiction Recovery methods that are used as part of clinically effective, evidence-based treatment with exceptional outcomes. With a commitment to continually evolve and improve our standards of care, we strive for clinical excellence in every aspect of our role as nurses. At Rogers, our patients are our first priority as we create a caring and healing environment that will transform their lives and those of their families. We understand the impact we can have at a critical time in their lives, and we take that responsibility seriously. Our nurses know that they are making a difference.

Throughout my career I have had many wonderful mentors, so when I made the decision to enterleadership, my personal goal was to become a mentor to nurses who had the mission and goal to provide excellent care. My leadership style involves working with nurses as full partners in mutual respect and collaboration, and creating a community through mentoring, clear communication, and delivering care in an evidence-based way.

Please take the opportunity to explore our website to learn about a variety of opportunities from our inpatient hospitals and residential programs to partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care across the country. It takes a special kind of person to be a Rogers nurse. We hope our mission is one that you’d like to be a part of. If your passion is in behavioral health and addiction, we’d love to have you join us.

Terri Cohn, MSN, RN
Executive Director of Nursing
Rogers Behavioral Health


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