New book on eating disorder treatment is first of its kind

Posted on 11/18/19 09:58:am

Rogers’ Dr. Nicholas Farrell co-authors book on exposure therapy

(Oconomowoc, Wis.)  Exposure Therapy for Eating Disorders, a cutting-edge book co-authored by Rogers Behavioral Health’s Nicholas Farrell, PhD, is now available. Written in collaboration with Dr. Carolyn Black Becker and Dr. Glenn Waller, the book is the first of its kind to provide structured guidance on using exposure and response prevention therapy for patients with eating disorders.

“Research increasingly shows that fear and avoidance play key roles in eating disorders. This treatment is specifically designed to address these features head on,” says Dr. Farrell. “Prior to this book, there was little guidance and training for clinicians who wanted to use exposure therapy in their practice. This book fills that gap.”

As part of the ABCT Clinical Practice Series on cutting edge treatments, the book:

  • Details necessary steps for successful implementation of exposure therapy, a core component of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for eating disorders
  • Provides novel clinical advice from anxiety disorders literature to maximize the effectiveness of eating disorder treatment
  • Directly addresses therapist factors that can affect the conduct and impact of exposure therapy for eating disorders, including fear of causing harm to patients, and other challenges that may impede delivery of exposure therapy

Dr. Farrell is the clinical director of Eating Disorder Recovery at Rogers Behavioral Health in Oconomowoc, WI. He has expertise in evidence-based psychological treatments, particularly those that emphasize exposure therapy for eating and anxiety disorders. 

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