There’s a lot of therapy in residential treatment.

Posted on 10/10/11 12:59:pm

Find out what Rogers patients are saying about eating disorders treatment at Rogers Memorial Hospital.

09043_RMH_EDC_OCNMC_490.jpg"This is the way to go," said one 17-year-old boy, color flush in his cheeks and a spark in his eyes that had been notably missing at the start of his stay at Rogers Memorial Hospital’s Eating Disorder Center three months prior.

"Rogers is the best help around," he said. "If you’re struggling, if you’ve had an eating disorder for a short or a long period of time, I would highly recommend seeking out the treatment here."

The emphatic support offered by this 17-year-old is unusually well spoken, but not atypical of the kind of appreciation our patients offer when they reflect on their treatment experience at Rogers. Many of our patients tell us that they cannot believe how busy they are while they’re in Rogers Memorial Hospital’s eating disorders treatment programs. Rogers’ program is packed full of therapy; our patients are immersed in a variety of therapeutic activities and approaches, including some of the most detailed cognitive-behavioral therapy you can get anywhere.

With so many different kinds of therapy and staff with years of experience providing evidence-based eating disorders treatment, there are endless opportunities for our patients to have “breakthrough” moments, where recovery really clicks. Unified in the task of helping our patients to obtain a long-term recovery, the treatment team’s approach encourages self-empowerment. From admission to discharge and throughout aftercare planning, a dedicated, experienced team is involved in every step of treatment. Personalized treatment plans address each patient’s needs and focus on changes in thinking, and overcoming obstacles for recovery.

Once a patient tastes recovery, they’re often ready for more: “I am ready to see the world and take life as it comes,” said the 17-year-old. “Once you get out of your eating disorder, life has a purpose again. Struggling one more day with an eating disorder is not worth it at all.”


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