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Rogers’ focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion for patients and team members

Posted on 02/10/22 04:18:pm


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Rogers is committed to growing and holding ourselves accountable to being an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for employees, patients, and their families. In the video above, four members of the Rogers team discuss the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion, as well as the positive impact of offering culturally responsive and affirming care.

“I think equity is so much at the heart of what we do,” says Alison Kleppin, therapist in St. Paul. “It’s our ethical obligation to understand different lived experiences and perspectives.”

Laura John, clinical supervisor agrees with Angela, saying that she thinks it’s fantastic that Rogers has placed an emphasis on inclusivity and diversity for both staff and patients.

“I think our teams have done a fantastic job of reminding patients we get it,” Laura says. “We know this is hard and we’re going to support you as best we can and recognize how much that impacts mental health.”

Rogers’ dedication to equity, diversity, and inclusion is an ongoing process and commitment. Tiffany McFarland, addictions counselor, says even when there isn’t an immediate understanding, acting with compassion is what is important.

“I may not understand the culture you come from, I may not completely understand that—but I will offer compassion to you and give you the space to be able to take the resources you need to be able to heal and work toward overall wellness,” she says.

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