Results are rapid in Oconomowoc Child and Adolescent Inpatient

Posted on 04/12/11 06:20:am

When it is medically necessary to provide around-the-clock intensive psychiatric care to ensure a child’s safety, Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc offers a Child and Adolescent Inpatient treatment program. This program focuses on ending a child or teen’s harmful behaviors, stabilizing medical and emotional conditions, and helping the whole family start a process of recovery and continuing care.

Intensive treatment

33_5327742938_a44d4a755c_b_0.jpegDr. Erik Ulland is one of Rogers’ board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists. He’s often thinking about what new things he’s going to bring to his patients, even when he heads home for the evening. “ We get to put a lot of time and attention into our patients,” he said. This is treatment unlike what the patients have likely experienced in an outpatient clinic, Dr. Ulland said, because Rogers doctors have a chance to focus in on each particular patient, working with them every day. “In an outpatient setting, you might go a month between visits. In our inpatient unit, I see the kids every day,” he said.

That kind of of intensive treatment means Rogers doctors can make changes happen faster. “The kids are with us day and night, so our staff knows what’s going on, and the results are rapid,” he said.

Making a complete diagnosis

“Diagnosis in children can be very complicated,” Dr. Ulland said. “Sometimes a child will come in with a diagnosis that doesn’t really explain all that’s going on with them.” Rogers doctors try to find a complete and accurate diagnosis for their patients to have so they can treat each diagnosis individually, he said, rather than doing an umbrella treatment that is just going to be medication related.

Including the family

Creating a care plan that involves the whole family is part of the extensive coordination of continuing care offered at Rogers’ Child and Adolescent inpatient program. Many times, Dr. Ulland said, the family is key to fully working out a child’s diagnosis. Often, a family will come to see their child’s struggles in a new light, he said. “That helps them understand what’s going on with their child, and I think that’s very important.”

The future in focus

A typical stay at Rogers Child and Adolescent inpatient in Oconomowoc is seven to 14 days. Patients are discharged with a care plan developed while they were in treatment. Families leave knowing what the next stages of their child’s treatment are going to look like, with some questions answered, and the future in focus.

Rogers in Oconomowoc is also home to the Child and Adolescent Center, and many of the same physicians staff both units. This can provide essential continuity, easing transitions between the two programs.

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