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Q&A with Jim Kubicek

Posted on 04/19/15 02:18:pm


We recently sat down with Jim Kubicek, the vice President of operations for the Rogers Memorial Hospital–Brown Deer campus, to learn more about his passion for mental health and how the new inpatient hospital will provide more access to care.

How are things going with the renovations at the new hospital?

There is still some work to do, but we are only about a month away from occupying the hospital, so we are right on schedule. It is looking great; we are getting more excited the closer we get to opening. Right now we are finalizing our staff and are planning on some mock run-throughs so we are all set and ready when the hospital opens its doors.

Can you tell us more about the size and types of programs that will be offered in Brown Deer?

Rogers Memorial Hospital-Brown Deer will have 28 inpatient beds for adults and 28 beds for children and teens. This is an acute inpatient level of care, to help stabilize patients both medically and emotionally. An inpatient stay provides intensive treatment for a few days.

Rogers supports this level of care through what we call “intensive outpatient” and “partial hospitalization” programs. These are programs that allow for patients to get the treatment they need in either a three or six-hour-per-day program. The primary goal for these levels of care is to improve the symptoms and daily functioning of the patient, while allowing them to remain connected with their family and friends, work or school.

These programs are offered directly across the street from the hospital and include programs for depression and anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, child and adolescent mental health treatment, dual diagnosis programs and even a general mental health program geared specifically for women.

What does the new facility do for Milwaukee County and the surrounding community?

There is a tremendous need for quality inpatient hospital programs in Milwaukee County. One of the central components of Rogers’ philosophy is providing access to care, and that is what this is really all about.

I believe that when we open the doors in late April, Rogers will stand ready to meet the behavioral health needs for those in Brown Deer and neighboring communities. We are really going to be focusing on providing a seamless, integrated transition, not just between an acute inpatient level of care, but system-wide with our intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs, supporting patients as they transition back into the community.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

When I first got into the mental health field, the big idea I had in terms of becoming a social worker and a clinician was one of providing service. I believed – and I continue to believe – that the folks who are doing this work are called to service. As I transitioned into leadership roles over the course of my career my focus changed to systems of care. I believe systems of care are called to service. Service that is highly integrated, accessible and unquestionably committed to quality.

That is what really excites me, what really makes me want to get up and come to work every single morning is that I believe in the programs and treatment we provide. As a behavioral health system we are doing this work for the right reasons. That’s what is important to me, and everyone at Rogers. We are going to be there to help people rediscover a life worth living.

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