Projects that Make Progress

Posted on 04/18/16 04:01:pm




Diane Miller, director of nursing at Rogers Memorial Hospital-Brown Deer, explained how our Brown Deer location increased patients' access to nature through purposeful design on The Morning Blend. Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, originally championed the connection between the environment and improving health in the 1800s.



Seasonal Arrangements



Patients enrolled in multiple programs at Rogers may participate in horticultural therapy while in treatment. Our Oconomowoc gardeners and treatment providers collaborate on therapeutic projects designed to address our patients’ specific mental health situations.



 Seasonal arrangements made of assorted natural materials help patients reflect, make connections to their programming and view the time of year in a new way.



Seasonal ArrangementSeasonal Arrangement



Picture Frames



Using red branches, pine ​needles and paint, patients express their challenges in treatment and create a memento of the skills they learned at Rogers. The natural elements reflect the growth and change that patients experience in our programming and in their everyday lives.



Picture Frames



Self-grown Sprouts



Regardless of gardening skill, patients who built these sprout kits were able to learn about how plants grow and how to practice balanced eating habits at home. Patients also had the opportunity to discuss what it means to have another person, animal, or in this case—a plant—rely on them.






Self-grown Sprouts



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