Mental Health Screenings are Free at Rogers

Posted on 02/21/13 11:25:am

OCD, Addiction, Eating Disorders, Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, PTSD the list of mental health illnesses people are diagnosed with is incredibly complex. Unlike a typical medical hospital, when patients come to Rogers for help, they may not know exactly what is bothering them, or why. With broken arms or the flu it is fairly easy to see the problem. However, when someone is suicidal or in the midst of mental illness, one may not even understand the symptoms, let alone the diagnosis. At Rogers we are well known for our ability to get to the core of what is wrong and diagnose a mental illness successfully.

Rogers excels at helping and diagnosing people because of our screening process. It is Rogers’s mission to treat patients and families through patient centered care. Patient centered care means taking the time to get the right diagnosis from the start. From there, every person on the treatment team from the nurses, counselors, psychiatrists, medical doctors or experiential therapists, understands the individual’s exact diagnosis and plan. This leads to the highest levels of care, as well as reliable outcomes.

Screenings can take 45 minutes to an hour and in more complex cases even longer. The questions asked in a screening are important to an accurate needs assessment. Being honest is vital, as it is the short and long term treatment for the patient that matters. Once a complete needs assessment is achieved, Rogers has the specialized care and expertise to treat a myriad of mental illness. In fact, no place in the Midwest and maybe the country can treat a wider variety of behavioral issues at one location.

Roger’s own Dr. Miller talks about being fortunate to have access to nationally recognized experts, making more complex cases treatable when other providers would not be able to provide care on such a level. This availability can make the difference in the lives of people who come to Rogers.



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