Tampa Bay’s Director of Operations takes pride in being part of the Rogers family

10/14/17 07:00:pm

changthumb.jpgSince Rogers Behavioral Health–Tampa Bay first opened in September 2014, Benjamin Chang has served as the Director of Operations – developing, directing and overseeing the operation of 65 employees and 13 program lines.

It’s not an easy job, especially since Tampa Bay was the first Rogers location outside of Wisconsin. Benjamin was initially working for the University of South Florida, an affiliate of Rogers–Tampa Bay, but was recruited to Rogers because of his experience and familiarity with both the university and Rogers. The sincerity and passion of the other members of the project helped convince Benjamin to come aboard.

“Observing the enthusiasm, the vision and the initiative of Rogers was inspiring and contagious,” Benjamin says.

Despite being several hundred miles away from another Rogers location, Benjamin still feels connected as a whole because of the shared commitment to Rogers’ Mission and the sense of pride that is consistent across all Rogers locations.

“We all share in the commitment to our Quadruple Aim goals to deliver excellent patient care that results in positive outcomes and satisfaction, to promote positive culture, and be responsible stewards of resources,” Benjamin explains. “When the Rogers family and network get bigger, we all take pride in being part of something larger than ourselves, regardless of the state in which we pay our taxes.”

A unique challenge to overseeing operations at the Tampa location is having to deal with the threat of hurricanes—such as the recent Hurricane Irma—and the difficult decision whether to remain open or close.

“When you make these decisions, there really is no upside to being correct,” he says. “Also, if you get it wrong or are late with the determination, you potentially put hundreds of lives in harm’s way.”

Benjamin weighed many different factors when he made the decision to close the Tampa Bay location for one day and then two. He considered the size of the storm and lack of available resources, such as water, gas and lumber. However, he wasn’t fully comfortable with the decision until seeing an unquestionable omen that assured him that Florida was in a perilous situation—Anderson Cooper.

“I didn’t truly feel vindicated in the decision until Anderson Cooper was broadcasting from about a mile away from clinic—that’s never a good sign,” Benjamin says.

Getting to know Benjamin

changfish.jpgIn his spare time, Benjamin enjoys spending time with his family—his wife and two boys—when he is away from the clinic. “Going fishing and boating is my favorite, but reading a favorite book to my boys who have memorized every page (yet don’t know how to read) is what I live for,” he says.

You may be surprised to learn that when Benjamin says he loves fishing, he’s talking about fishing for sharks. He first got into shark fishing by accident, when he and his brother reeled in what they thought was just a huge snapper—but it turned out to be a three foot shark. They screamed. Then they pulled it into their small canoe and decided to head back for the day. It has gone from a shock to a regular hobby of Benjamin’s, who says he now catches one to two sharks every time he goes out.